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Renners Electrical are Lowood Electricians located at 717 Lowood-Minden Rd Lowood. We are a second generation firm of sparkys and pride our self on being big enough to handle a wide range of electrical work, yet small enough to ensure a very high standard of work is maintained.

Craig Renner (and Allan before) him have a reputation for meticulous work. Just ask any of the electricians who work for him, if it's not done perfectly then it's gotta be done again. One thing you'll never see Craig and his team of Lowood Electricians do is walk, we run all day. Just because we work fast doesn't mean we let the quality of our work slip, perfection is the name of the game with these Lowood Electricians.

If you are looking for Lowood commercial electricians then our team of contractors can help you with all your commercial electrical needs. Over our decades of contracting as commercial electricians we have completed just about every type of commercial electrical work you can think of. Over the year's these electricians must have worked on just about every commercial premises in Lowood. If the University of Queensland trust them to do their commercial electrical work then so can you. So give us a call on 5426 8255.

These Industrial electricians of Lowood have completed many sheds, from small mum and dad operations to the largest of operations. Their industrial electrical experience includes extensive work at RAAF Amberley as well as being trusted government contractors on such vital infrastructure as the water grid.

Are you a rural business or live on acreage. These Lowood Rural Electricians have a bobcat and truck set up for all sorts of rural power needs. They can run miles of underground power cable out to pumps, sheds etc. with their own trenching bobcat and cable feeding equipment there is no need to rely on multiple contractors. These guys do it all. And if you'd rather run your power overhead then these Lowood Rural Electricians have their own timber power pole installing equipment. Why use a Lowood Electrical contractor who has to hire in a bobcat and operator to do your trenching, then another firm to supply and install the power pall, with Renner's Electrical it's one boss, one bill. Too Easy. Call 5426 8255 for a quote NOW!


This Lowood Electrical contractor has their own specialist air conditioning installers. Specialising in Split air conditioners just call 1300 SPLIT AIR and we'll look after you.

Power Poles & Underground Power

Many Lowood Electricians rely on subcontractors to dig the trenches when installing underground power for their customers. But not Renner's Electrical, it's all done in house with our own truck and bobcat with heavy duty chain trenchers we do it all ourselves.

Installing timber power poles is not something that many Lowood Electricians are capable of doing. They use subbies and then do the electrical work. We don't we have a specially constructed truck and trailer rig and along with our bobcat this allows to supply and install timber power poles. So instead of having to use one contractor to install your power pole, another to dig the trench form your property pole to your house and then get a Lowood Electrician to hook it all up, just call us on 5426 8255 and we'll do it all. One quote, one invoice, one person responsible.